Costa Rica’s #1 wholesaler and retailer of Costa Rican products! – Can anyone really say this?

Costa Rica’s #1 wholesaler and retailer of Costa Rican products! – Can anyone really say this?


I have always wonder how online companies came claim they are the  Costa Rica’s #1 wholesaler and retailer of Costa Rican products!  How can you back that up?  

We are not interested in that.  We are here to build relationships and grow with our customers.   First off, Costa Rican Store is not an online company.  We are a USA company that provides service in the USA and Costa Rica.  We feel it is important to give back to the Costa Rican Locals and we do just that.  We buy directly from the vendors.  We do not use a wholesaler or middleman to fill your orders.  On the other side, you are dealing with a US company that follows US rules of business.  If we quote a price, that is your price.  If we state we will have it delivered, we will work our best to get it there early. All payments are made through a US merchant account, so you can fell secure with transaction.  We do not ask you to fill out forms prior to charging your order.  We have a real phone number you can talk to a person and even if you want to get a hold of me directly.  

Let’s talk shipping from Costa Rica.  Are you tired of seeing a price you think is reasonable and then find out they get you at shipping?  We totally understand.  Our shipping in our Food club is already included.  All our Costa Rica Gifts prices include shipping to our Texas store.  Yes, we have a Texas store. You only pay shipping within the USA.  Don’t need it shipped to the USA or other countries and need it delivered within Costa Rica, we have a different price for that.  We won’t charge you US prices for a Costa Rica delivery. That just does not make good business sense.  Please do your research well before placing orders.  We want your experience to be a good memorable experience with Costa Rica.  Want to talk to our customers,? Just ask us and we will provide real customers to talk to.  Not just customer quotes.  And if you see another company copying what we say, don’t worry after 12 years, I am use to that.  It is the service that really counts. We are still in business for a reason.

Do you have a group coming to Costa Rica  and would like to create your own Costa Rica Market?  Contact us and we will set that up for you.  We will provide high quality hard to find products and arrange for delivery back to your home.  Don’t worry about putting it in your suitcase and pay more for weight.  Wish you have bought something when you got back home?  We got you covered.


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