Costa Rican Store is not selling large lizano on Amazon, but don’t pass up Amazon Prime great Lizano deal!

Costa Rican Store is not selling large lizano on Amazon, but don’t pass up Amazon Prime great Lizano deal!  Being a small US business we just can’t compete with Amazon on the large Lizano bottles but we don’t eat you to miss out on the deal.

We have been selling Lizano Salsa Sauce since 2004 and were the first imported who worked directly with Lizano, (who use to be owned by Best foods and then sold to Unilever).  I remember how excited we were to bring our favorite sauce to the USA.  We started with a three page website that you had to either send us an email or call a local line to place the order with me.  It was a time when I knew all our customers and always had a moment to chat.  In 2004, Amazon contacted us and asked if we would sell the Lizano on their online store. We happily said YES!  We sold all sizes on amazon for over 12 years.  This pass holiday season, it changed a little for us.  There are now over 16 sellers selling the big Lizano Salsa bottles and it has turned into a  price bidding war.  Being a small business we just could not compete.    This year we decided to temporary stop selling the large Lizano Salsa 700 ml / 23oz bottle  on Amazon and set up an associate link to amazon.  This allows us to refer our customers to Amazon and help Costa Rica Store continue to offer your favorite other Costa Rican products.  We are happy our customers can take advantage of Amazon prime option  (esp when you are running low on Lizano). Who would not love receiving Lizano with 2 day free shipping for only $10.  What a great deal! That is why I love being a customer on Amazon too.   We do still sell all the other sizes including 9oz, 4.5 oz, Lizano Chilero, Lizano Hot Sauce and Lizano bean on Amazon and Amazon Prime. We just thought we would leave the big bottles to the big sellers.


If you still love our site and want to continue Costa Rican Store offering Costa Rica products int he USA, please use the link below to buy your Lizano on Amazon.

If you want to find Lizano 700ml / 23oz on Amazon prime shipped to your door in two days for around $10, see the links below.  I love a good deal when I see it. Click the link below to buy one bottle Lizano on Amazon Prime.

Lizano Salsa Sauce on Amazon Prime around $10

The 6 bottle Salsa Lizano 23.6 oz 6 pack is the best deal over all.  That is around $6 a bootle with 2 day Amazon Prime shipping. Click link below to Buy the 6 bottle pack on Amazon

Lizano Salsa Sauce on Amazon Prime for less then $40

Are you not an Amazon Prime member yet, click below to sign up for a 30 day trial and still get your Lizano thru prime shipping – 2 day free shipping.

Sign Up for Amazon Prime 30 day free trial

Costa Rican Store appreciates our customers and want to direct them to the best deal on Lizano.  And at this moment Amazon prime  price is amazing deal you can’t pass up.

Pura Vida!


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