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About UsWelcome to the Costa Rican Store, owned and operated by Chantal D’Larenti.

I started the Costa Rican Store in 2002 after falling in love with Costa Rica and marrying a Tico. (Tico is what you call men from Costa Rica; women are called Ticas.) My early love of Costa Rica grew the more I learned about the place, its people, and its food. The people are wonderful, welcoming friends, neighbors, and guests into their homes and offering delicious cups of coffee. Children are treasured because of the centrality of family. The food is amazingly fresh. And the sauces are deeply flavorful because the soil is so rich. With the combination of people, food, and beaches, you feel younger and more energetic in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican Store lets me share a little of Costa Rica with you. We are located in Texas and service Costa Rica. We can be reached by phone, email or chat.

Having lived in Costa Rica allows me to get inventory out of the country faster. If anyone knows Costa Rica, its island nature is both a blessing and a curse. It is very laid back, which we all love, except when trying to run a business. So I work hard to ensure that everything comes to you quickly directly from Costa Rica.

I am here to build relationships with my customers because I want you to come back and continue to get your little bit of Costa Rican from me. I like to hear what other products I could add, or how I could do things better. I realize that the orders are sometimes gifts, so I try to create items that are ready to give when you receive them.

We offer Costa Rica services including USA retail, Coffee & Food Club, Costa Rica Group Gifts, In Costa Rica Corporate gifts delivery, in Costa Rica wedding gifts & favors, in USA Corporate gift delivery, Costa Rica product fulfillment and wholesale in the USA. Click here to learn more about our great Costa Rican Store Services.

If there is a product you’d like to see added to my offerings, please email the Costa Rican Store at sales@costaricanstore.com. Or call my toll free number at 866 MY TICOS (866-698-4267).